January Blog

    Launch of Great South Run with Diabetes UK and BUPA

    December every year, is always quiet with work and every year I still ask myself if it will ever pick up again. Then along comes January in all its glory! Suddenly everyone wants to train, wants to get to their favourite classes and want to get back into their pre-Xmas routine.

    I was delighted to see that Charlie Brooks had won the Xmas special of Strictly, as I was her virtual personal trainer; so congratulations to her.

    Spent the first couple of weeks of January picking up my routine again, timing the school run right prior to simply dragging the children out of bed at some ungodly time (as they put it) and getting back to teaching my regular classes which includes; step, spin, pole dancing, circuits/bootcamp, pilates and conditioning.

    My clients were none too pleased to see me but once the first workout is out of the way, they usually feel happier. When I work on a one to one with someone, their workout is always tailored to their needs, but I include the following disciplines, boxing, kettlebells, resistance, cardiovascular and plyometrics. Sometimes I use equipment, sometimes it’s just body weight and gives a good all round workout. Pushing them to their maximum is my job, and one I love!

    On Wednesday 18th January, I travelled down to Portsmouth with Diabetes UK who are now BUPAs chosen charity for all the UKs Great Runs in 2012. They approached me and asked if I would be involved and as my Dad, Stepson, best friend and even my dog has Diabetes I thought it would be a great charity to help in anyway I could.

    As part of a panel, we launched the BUPA Great South Run which will be held later this year and I will be running it also with my partner Dr Hilary.
    In addition I will be filming exercises and advice for their website and tweeting tips on a regular basis. I am also hoping to get to a couple more runs, but we will see!

    I am really looking forward to the following and will tell you all about them next time.

    I have a meeting with the NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society) coming up.

    Can’t wait to meet up with Total Greek Yoghurt to launch our YumMe project with journalists.

    Total Greek Yoghurts Hula challenge coming up in London, more to come!

    Filming for Diabetes UKs website

    Have written some articles for magazines, including Closer and Bella.

    Social activities
    My daughter turned 16 on 8th January, scary! She celebrated by going ice skating and then a meal with her friends, and our family came over to celebrate with a lovely buffet lunch with a food contribution from everyone.