Starting 2012 the Healthy Way

    Firstly, I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year and hope you had a great festive season!

    We have all indulged more than usual and January is the time when we make resolutions to get fitter, lose weight and clean up our diets.

    These resolutions last no longer than a few weeks, in my experience. We need to look at changing our lifestyle for life, not just for January.

    Clean up you eating and drinking habits, exercise regularly and enjoy the odd treat. This way you are not depriving yourselves and you can maintain this lifestyle change forever.

    Tips for you would be to keep a food, drink and exercise diary and look over it, see where you are going wrong or indeed where you are doing well.

    Opt for clean, unprocessed foods, reduce carbohydrate and saturated fat intake and increase your protein by one portion instead per day. A portion being around a fist size.

    Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds will add vitamins and minerals to your diet, drinking plenty of water and reducing alcohol intake will make a huge difference to how you look and feel.

    Check out my “at home” workout. You can do this anytime without having to leave your house. It costs you nothing, just a little time and commitment to bringing exercise into your lives.

    Remember, for weight loss, output more (exercise and activity) and input less (calories).

    Good Luck and chat soon!