Ten (Cheap!) Top Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

    1. Regular exercise. An instant mood lifter for you.
    2. Eat well and avoid stodgy foods which weigh you down.
    3. Cut back on alcohol.
    4. Get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk, explore and take time to look at things you would otherwise not notice.
    5. Watch an up lifting film or catch up on reading a good book.
    6. Spend time with your loved ones doing fun things like board games on a wet day and walks when the weather nice. Tell each other jokes to make yourselves laugh.
    7. Put some fun, beated music on and sing and/or dance along with it.
    8. Treat yourselves to long soaks in the bath with your favourite bubble bath and some scented candles. This will relax you and ensure you get that all important good night’s sleep.
    9. Diarise special days out or make plans for a holiday, book one if you have the money, otherwise take some days off to catch up on things you want to do.
    10. Keep busy, the less time you have to think about feeling down the better. Perhaps de-clutter those draws you have been meaning to do for ages.

    REMEMBER: lots of people feel down this time of year, don’t be afraid to talk about it and share your worries and you feelings.