Working out from Home

    A very simple, easy to follow all over workout.

    Do between 1 and 3 sets of these exercises, depending on how much time you have and increase your workout the fitter you get. Keep a note of your repetitions so that you can beat them next time!

    Exercise safely, keep your posture correct, tummy pulled in.

    Cardio Section

    For 5-10 minutes:
    Walk up and down stairs, take one step at a time and then as you get warmer:

    • Run up stairs, then walk down
    • Take two steps at a time going up, walk one step at a time coming down
    • Every minute, add on 20 star jumps on the spot before climbing stairs again


    20 wide legged squats

    10 wide legged squat jumps

    Place one leg on first step and do 20 repeater knees

    Repeat on other side

    Add on another 20 star jumps

    Repeat from the squats section

    Upper Body

    Full or ¾ press ups on the knees, do a set of 12, rest and repeat

    Use a coffee table and do 12 tricep dips, rest and repeat

    Add on another 20 star jumps

    Repeat from the press up section


    Lie down on the floor and do 20 sit ups, rest and repeat

    Lift your legs off the floor, hands by ears and alternate leg kicks out rotating your torso to bring your elbow to the opposite knee, 40 repetitions, rest and repeat

    Turn over and come up on your elbows and toes, bring the tummy in and hold for 30 seconds.

    Repeat from the sit up section.

    If that is enough for you, well done, next time see if you can repeat from the top too!

    Good luck!